Learning Agreement Eth

You must take them during the course of your studies (yes value), unless the mobility courses (courses at another university that you submit to recognition) are always “non-regular” and are marked accordingly. Mentor/in: If you enter the mentor, that person is responsible for the learning agreement. The authorisation of the apprenticeship agreement, however, is the responsibility of the tutor.” With the submission, the tutor (or, in some cases, the study administration instead of the tutor) receives an email requesting the apprenticeship agreement. 1. Your tutor or guardian finds this unnecessary. Then enter the “no” value. Only categories of the study code defined as “an integral part of the learning agreement” are mentioned. In the “Non-regular” column, subjects that are not defined as standard according to the list of courses (course list) in the corresponding category are marked. Only the categories of the education regulation are defined as “part of the apprenticeship agreement.” The “Deleted Course Units” table shows courses that you have deleted since the end of the learning agreement.

3. You have already completed the course at another university. Choose “Other University.” 3. You have already passed the subject at another university. Select “other university.” The apprenticeship authorisation agreement is not possible. Delete: In myStudies, you can only delete a learning agreement if it has never been submitted. If a tabled apprenticeship agreement is to be removed, z.B. if you have changed your studies now or if you apply other program regulations, please contact the Education Administration. Here you can include courses from the EET course catalogue or another university in the apprenticeship agreement.

Research per semester, i.e. first during the autumn semester, then separately during the spring semesters or vice versa. The categories to which a selected compartment belongs are marked by [REGUL-R] and are at the top of the list. Mentor: Enter your mentor`s name if that person is responsible for the learning agreement. However, the guardian is the one who rejects or approves it. 2. You have already successfully completed the subject in another course, typically in a bachelor`s degree. Choose `Bachelor`. If a course is assigned to a category to which it does not belong, an “X” is next to the “Non-regular” column. The categories to which a selected course belongs are marked by [REGULAR] and are at the top of the list.

Subjects marked in blue are not included in the course repertoire. These are either subjects that have been introduced to another university, or subjects that are no longer offered in the EH course list. Click on a compartment to call the editing page. In any of these cases, no credit is recognized in the apprenticeship agreement. No regular course (“Non-regular”): if this is reported, a course is not a normal course or the selected specialization in the course catalogue.