Uc Davis Transfer Agreement

The UC Davis Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) is a written agreement that guarantees admission to UC Davis in a certain major of each California Community College (CCC). Get the Transfer Entry Guarantee (TAG) and make sure your course transfer. The UC TAP tool was designed for students who move from California community colleges, including students looking for an Admission Guarantee (TAG) transfer with one of the six participating UC campuses. If you are a transfer student who has met THE GE requirements of another UC campus, you do not need to complete the UC Davis General Education requirement. However, please follow the following steps to ensure that this information is contained in your UC Davis file: The Office of the University Registrar (OUR) has developed a campus-wide evaluation process that records approved non-California transfer equivalencies in the Student Information System (banners) for use in final exams and the necessary verification at the time of registration. Check the technical and review conditions for the transfer authorization. Identify UC Davis` Major Guide or ASSISTANCE, the official articulation base for California colleges and universities that pass on or meet admission, general education or primary education requirements. If you submit a partial IGETC, it should not miss more than two requirements. You have one year to meet your missing requirements at UC Davis, and you must notify the Engineering and Graduate Board if you feel you have met the missing requirements. You can do this by sending engugrad@ucdavis.edu by email.

TOP is a consulting program that brings a UC Davis Underergrade Admissions consultant to some California Community campuses to help you plan your career and transfer. Your UC Davis TOP coordinator is on hand to meet one for one, discuss your career goals and advise you on preparing for the transfer to a four-year university. Students can use the transfer admission planner to enter their course work (completed and planned) from the beginning of their academic career to any time they decide to move to a UC campus. UC TAP is a free online tool that allows future UC students to follow and plan their course work. IGETC is a series of courses designed to enable California students to meet their general education requirements before moving to a UC campus or a California State University (CSU) campus. With a few exceptions, students who opt for the CTST should complete them at a California community college to meet all general educational requirements that can be met by lower-class courses. Once admitted to UC Davis, but before enrolling in courses, you should submit an IGETC Diploma Certificate to UC Davis Admissions. Admission to college as a college transfer is an inexpensive way to earn your bachelor`s degree. A successful transfer requires careful research and planning to ensure that you are ready for the rigor of high school at a first-class university.

UC Davis and the University of California offer various resources to position themselves for admission to a UC campus. Complete all remaining course and AMP requirements, as described in the TAG agreement. For more information on some courses required to be admitted to majors, see the UC Davis Admissions Page: www.ucdavis.edu/admissions/transfer/major-requirements-college-engineering The UC Davis GE model is required to transfer students from institutions other than California community colleges and those that do not complete the IGETC model. This model is best suited to students applying for majors with a large number of requirements within the division. The transition from a community college or four-year institution to UC Davis has become a popular way to obtain a university degree.