What Is A Registered Training Agreement

You must contact an Australian apprentice network provider to sign a training contract. More information is provided by the relevant authority. An authorized suspension does not automatically suspend the employment relationship between the employer and the apprentice or intern. The employer and the apprentice or intern must determine, in accordance with the relevant industrial instrument and the Fair Work Act 2009, whether the employment continues during the suspension of the training contract. While a training contract is suspended, the apprentice or trainee cannot take training as part of the training or training offered by his or her training organization. MLTSD uses this application to assess your eligibility for a registered training contract, under which you will receive training from a sponsor in a trade required as part of an apprenticeship program. With this application, you allow MLTSD to verify the information provided. The learning is funded in part by the WDA and the LMDA. Under these agreements, MLTSD is required to collect your Social Security number to provide reports to Canada for the employment insurance program to be subject to the employment insurance program in accordance with the s. 3 of the Employment Insurance Act (EIA) and track the progress of all clients participating in programs and services funded under these agreements, assist in the information you provide on education level, immigration status, employment insurance, Francophone status and previous participation in specific apprenticeship programs, develop policies and programs to assist in training degrees and better meet reporting obligations. Within three months of starting the training contract, I enrolled my apprentice or trainee with a registered training organization.

Circumstances may arise when a party to the training contract (i.e. the employer or apprentice) is unable to accept a proposed suspension of the training contract on that date or to accept it knowingly. A training contract is a legally binding agreement between you and your employer, which defines your rights, obligations and obligations for the duration of the contract.