York University Deferred Standing Agreement Form

2. There is a time limit for submitting a deferred term application: fourteen calendar days from the date of a missed final examination or, with respect to permanent work, fourteen calendar days from the deadline for submitting semi-annual work. The deadline for filing an application for an extension of the deferral period is only seven calendar days after the missed deferred review or the delayed deadline. If you miss the filing deadline, you must explain and document the deadline. For course work, the agreement will set, at the discretion of the manager, another deadline for submission beyond the end of the period. From time to time, a student may become ill, have a personal or family emergency, or have a religious observance that must ask for special consideration for an alternative appointment to write his final exam or submit his exceptional courses beyond the last day of class. Students in these situations can apply for a deferred application. 1. Students are expected to complete the course on the due date or date. If this is not possible, students are expected to cancel the courses until the withdrawal deadline. However, if, at the end of the withdrawal period, there is a mitigating circumstance affecting your ability to complete course work or a final exam due or scheduled after the withdrawal period has expired, you may choose an additional deferred time to complete the course or exam. Similarly, if you have already had a reputation change, you can request an extension of the deferred standing position. For more information on petitions/complaints and forms, see www.yorku.ca/laps/council/students/petitions.html on the Free Arts and Technical Sciences Council website among students.

If you are unable to write your deferred year-end exam and/or complete the current course work until the course director`s deadline on the approved legal audit/assignment form, you can apply for an extension of the deferred level to your original faculty. You have to do it immediately. Petitions are also subject to the deadline for filing your original faculty. If a trainer does not accept a deferred application, students have the opportunity to submit an academic petition. See: www.yorku.ca/laps/council/students/petitions.html Once the course leader has been approved and submitted, a “DEF” or “Deferred” appears in your transcript and note report. The “DEF” qualification is maintained until the course manager delivers the closing note in accordance with the agreement. 3) Once you have completed the online form, a ticket number is issued, please copy this number in the top right corner of the paper version of the DSA form that you have already completed in Step 1; The following filing times are fixed and reflect the absolute time frame for departments/schools/university units to submit deferred graduation notes to the Chancery. Students must submit a formal application for a deferred application. This is done by addressing the course director with the printed form for the legal audit of accounts and the assignment of deferred contracts, in order to discuss the possibility of setting another date for the completion of an audit or for the submission of exceptional course work.